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Dual Language (one way)

Meadow Homes offers a one way Dual Language (DL) program in TK - 5. The goal of this program is to help students become biliterate in English and Spanish. The program is considered "one way" because Spanish is the home language for all of the students in our program. Dual Language programs can be "two-way" when approximately one third are already bilingual. The two-way model assumes students are practicing each other's language in both directions (Ex. English -> Spanish & Spanish -> English).

Our Dual Language program is a 50/50 instructional model, where students receive content instruction and practice reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish for 50% of the time and in English for 50% of the time in all grades. Students either switch between two partner teachers, an English and Spanish partner, or, when enrollment does not allow for an additional partner teacher, students may be in a self-contained DL classroom with one bilingual teacher.

dual language three pillars